HistoryViewLinks to this page 2013 February 6 | 09:57 am


  • Removal of http://open-service.net/ns/crtv/siType,moduleType,serverType URIs
    • WG does not own these namespaces
    • These URIs were meant for categorization of resources ServiceInstance, SoftwareServer, SoftwareModule but should be applicable to every resources, not restricted to only one resource type. Thus, no need for the additional qualifier in the namespace string
  • Addition of OperatingSystem, Tablespace to vocabulary
    • needed by some Tivoli group to report status on e.g. health metrics on databases.
    • no need for reconciliation
  • If Marek Smet or Marcin Luczynski attends, proposal for new URIs to further classify Database, ComputerSystem, SoftwareServer resources


Attendees: Joe Ross, John Arwe , Tuan Dang

  • All agreed that URIs formatted like http://open-service.net/ns/crtv/xxx#yyy will be dropped from the spec
  • All agreed that OperatingSystem and Tablespace will be added to the crtv vocabulary
  • Marek/Marcin were unable to attend so we will postpose the discussion for addition of new URIs to a later call. Marek might send the proposal via the mailing list at some point.