HistoryViewLinks to this page 2013 April 3 | 09:25 am


  • Request for a new resource type to represent clusters
    • from Tivoli APM team
    • possible use of rdfs:Container with rdf:type
    • no requirement for naming rules yet


Attendees: John Arwe, Tuan Dang

  • sparse attendance
    • team is waiting on steering committee vote before starting next version of spec
    • Tuan to send out mailing list note on cluster item
  • Tentative date for completing next version of spec is 3Q2013
    • Tuan to issue call for scenarios. Scenario work should be complete by end of May 2013
    • Tuan to see if there is enough change in scope that IBM should go back to its STSC board to see if other groups want to participate