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  • review comments
  • Issue with name “CRTV” ( from Steve S. This naming, evening though down within the Recon WG, seem very vague especially within the context of the Web and Linked Data of “web resources”.
    Some suggestions might be: “IT Resource”. Not an expert in the desired name but know the current name is full of overloaded terms and makes it seem over ambitious in its goals and claims, which I don’t think what is intended.)
  • http://open-services.net/pipermail/oslc-recon_open-services.net/2012-September/000004.html


Attendees: Speicher, Arwe, Ross, Dang

  • (Speicher) Spec has wrong copyright/license. Tuan to fix
  • “Common Resource Type vocabulary” too broad to be a meaningful name. (Speicher/Ross) proposed “Common IT Resource Type vocabulary” which was accepted by the attendees. Caveat is that we do want to keep the namespace URI http://open-service.net/ns/crtv# and the ns prefix crtv: . (Arwe) will bring this topic up at next core team meeting.
  • (Speicher) Has crtv namespace URI been vetted by core team ? (Arwe) was done when charter for workgroup was discussed/approved. Not showing up in archive. (Arwe) will create audi trail