HistoryViewLinks to this page 2012 December 3 | 09:43 am


  • New scenarios

  • Deep dive into Common Resource Type Vovabulary

  • Draft reconciliation spec


Attendees: Joe Ross, Steve Speicher, Ram Chennamsetty, Tuan Dang

  • Should check with Frank Budinski who has an internal System Registry workgroup which might overlap on vocabularies. (answer)Joe Ross, John Arwe are part of workgroup. They report back that the two workgroups are not covering the same scope yet.
  • The term “Common” is very core to OSLC. Consider renaming crtv ( maybe to “System Resource” )
  • also, investigate other vocabularies and namespaces. No need to recreate a resource type if already available elsewhere
  • How is security covered in Reconciliation domain ? 2 areas to look at: how to represent in vocabulary and requirements for implementing service providers. (answer) Nothing beyond current OSLC core guidance needed yet. Ram will propose scenarios at a later date.