HistoryViewLinks to this page 2012 September 17 | 12:00 pm


  1. Introductions

  2. Overview of workgroup’s goals and missions

  3. Discussion of draft scenario

  4. Discussion of draft vocabulary

  5. Discussion of schedules

  6. Determine meeting frequency, day and time


Attendees: Arthur Ryman, John Arwe, Tod Thorpe, Joe Ross, Tuan Dang

Arthur: not sure what the name and scope of this workgroup refers to. Action: if still unclear, write proposal and workgroup will discuss under separate thread.

The scenario Coverage Report was discussed and accepted.

The Common Resource Vocabulary was discussed. The OSLC-core team has agreed that this workgroup take ownership of CRTV from the Performance Monitoring workgroup. This workgroup will accept requirements on CRTV from the Performance Monitoring and other workgroups. Note that this indicates content and schedule dependencies on CRTV from other workgroups. Note also that the Reconcilation workgroup will define its specification in terms of CRTV but the vocabulary is not restricted only to reconciliation. The vocabulary can contain definitions which are agreed to be useful in a common scenario but do not need to participate in reconciliation

Additionally, the following decisions were made

  • Regular workgroup meetings will be scheduled weekly on Thursday afternoon Eastern timezone. Tuan will survey workgroup members if this time becomes inconvenient for members.

  • Since this is a new group using a new process, the decision is to keep the first release small in scope and of short duration, that is to call for finalization by 2012-October-26

  • If you have a scenario that you want the workgroup to consider for the first release, please submit by 2012-Sept-28.