HistoryViewLinks to this page 2012 October 15 | 11:29 am


  • Review of Draft spec
    • Do we want to spell out cleansing/population rules ?
    • How much detail do we want to spec out for Path , StorageVolume given that no one is using these resources yet ?
    • How do we want to record the naming rules currently spelled out un der “additional requirements” ?
    • Other topics as time allows


attendees : Tuan Dang, John Arwe, Martine Wedlake, Joe Ross

  • Questions on amount of details in resource description
    • Continue to try out different formats for the spec.
    • Agreed by participants that the rendering of the spec can be changed after finalization if the changes are not normative
  • Need to explain the semantics if a naming property is not present
  • re-phrase or remove note: at the beginning of the additional requirements section.
  • Discussion on StorageVolume
    • (Tuan) may treat as a crtv resource only, no naming rule defined for this version of the spec
    • (Wedlake) may need a FileSystem resource. Will handle via a new scenario