HistoryViewLinks to this page 2012 December 3 | 10:00 am


  • Review all sections of spec other than resource definitions
    • make sure that the spec’s base requirements are covered


Attendees : Joe Ross, John Arwe, Martine Wedlake

  • Most of spec wording is copied from performance monitoring WG. Do we want to keep wording on UI requirements in Compliance section since Reconciliation does not deal with display. (answer) Reconciliation service provider will do UI preview so keep requirements in spec
  • Terminology section: add definitions for reconcilable and reconciled resources
  • Reconciliation does not need a domain URI ? (answer ) a Reconciliation service provider (e.g Tivoli resource registry) looks at resources from any domain and internally associates then if these resources reconcile. There is no need to specify that a resource is for the purpose of reconciliation
  • In resource definitions sections, there is guidance for how to format and get the values for a property. Is this the right place to show this ? (answer) This is information that should be in the spec but should continue the discussion as to where to put. Formatting of the spec can go on even after finalization. Note in minutes and to reviewers that spec content will not change but formatting can still be done.