HistoryViewLinks to this page 2013 April 10 | 03:19 pm


  1. Discuss conversation with OSLC Core team re:finalization

    – Remove red text at the top of the spec and move content to Introduction. Remove the N/A from ‘Latest Version’ and put ‘This is the first version.’ (Done 04/10/2013)

    – Check in perf mon compliance test suite to Git repository (Julie has sent code to Mike Fiedler, who will check in code)

    – Add information to Implementation report re: consumers using provider (Julie to update)

  2. Status of ITM private vocabulary

    – Julie has removed spaces from osType strings and updated a few descriptions per feedback from Linked Data Review board

    – Julie needs help on how to migrate from blank node syntax for NativeIdentity to relative resource reference


John will take a pass at ITM vocabulary to see if better descriptions are needed

Tuan provided names of consumers: icaro, musala soft, orb-data

Julie to update ITM vocabulary page with new samples