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  • From last time: Julie to get itm vocabulary document published per information sent from Tuan – Vocabulary document developed. Needs to be converted to HTML and RDF-XML and sent to linked data review board for approval.

Status: Documents have all been created. Just need to publish them.

File:itm vocabulary.ttl File:itm vocabulary.xml File:itm vocabulary.html

To go: Implementation report. Automation workgroup author used Google spreadsheet. Is that required? What about Excel?

  • Request status from Michael on bugs opened against Lyo project

  • Julie needs to check in code


  • Google spreadsheet is not required for implementation report; can use Excel

  • Michael suggested Julie restructure source code for PerfMon compliance tests such that there is a separate test class for each crtv resource type

  • Janet still owes Julie private namespace elements for Oracle monitoring

  • Julie to follow up on status of ems vocabulary