HistoryViewLinks to this page 2013 January 30 | 03:46 pm


  1. Status on spec finalization Samples page, vocabulary

  2. Lyo Dynamic Test Suite for pm spec

  3. Question about how OSLC supports POST. For example, what if an OSLC client wanted an OSLC consumer to execute a script and return results? Can use a creation factory for this. Consider whether to implement the Automation specification for this. Also consider whether to make this interface public.

Actions and Minutes

  • Julie to contact Arthur Ryman about holding an EMS workgroup meeting to launch the reduced vocabulary EMS domain specification.
  • Discussed tests to include in test suite. John may have some reusable Jena code. Can run optional tests in addition to required depending on your goals.
  • Julie to begin the process of creating and publishing private vocabulary document for custom metric classes