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  1. Specification status
  • Compliance test code for perf mon has been re-organized per Mike Fielder’s suggestion and re-tested. Ready to check in.

  • ITM vocabulary document submitted for review by Linked Data Review Board. Meeting is Tuesday, April 2nd at 11 a.m. EDT.

  • Arthur has created a wiki page with the proposed subset of the EMS specification that the Perf Mon specification uses. Let’s review.

  • Implementation report is published

Ready for finalization?

  1. Issues

Arthur replied to my request for a review of the ITM vocabulary with the following:

(“2. You are using a space in the term for “IBM i”. This is awkward and might lead to problems. Please change to “IBMi” - it’s just a URI, not a literal lable. Similarly comments for the many “Windows XXX” terms.”)


How does this affect the ITM provider implementation? Does the Reconciliation vocabulary face this issue too? No.

Action Items

  • Respond to Arthur to add ems:Metric to subset

  • Send note to Core team to enter finalization