HistoryViewLinks to this page 2013 February 27 | 03:05 pm


Status of actions from last time:

1.Julie to get itm vocabulary document published per information sent from Tuan – Vocabulary document developed. Needs to be converted to HTML and RDF-XML and sent to linked data review board for approval.

2.Michael gave some suggestions on how to customize pm test configuration to work with ITM provider implementation – Tests are developed and working against ITM OSLC provider and ComputerSystem resource.

3.Arthur Ryman to meet with Julie, Steve, John next week to discuss finalization of EMS vocabulary – Team met on 2/21 to discuss. Arthur agreed with direction. He will identify a subset of the EMS vocabulary (Measure, Metric) as ‘finalized’. Julie removed the ems:Metric parent class from Perf-Mon specification since it was deemed too restrictive to make this a parent class. Need to update Samples page as well.


  1. Julie would like to try PerfMon tests against a second resource type, one that is returned by the ComputerSystem payload.

  2. TBD