HistoryViewLinks to this page 2012 November 14 | 03:45 pm

Agenda + Minutes

  1. JohnArwe chairing on Julie’s behalf while she’s traveling this week.
  2. Convergence: Core WG call today solicited general feedback again, and appointed a specific person to review with target date of Nov 21.
  3. SteveSpeicher and MikeFiedler to review Perf Mon for next week, as the freshest eyes we have in the WG.
  4. TuanDang and JanetAndersen to divvy up Guidance placeholders and propose meat on mailing list, our hope being to get first drafts of both in place for next week.
  5. Some additional implementations appear to have requirements for new metrics. Do we want to include those in 2.0 or defer to a later version?
    1. Discussion but no decision. They can either bring in new scenario, and then have WG decide whether or not to add it to 2.0 scope, or wait for next version (which might align just fine with their desired delivery schedule, and does not hold up prototyping).
    2. The new metrics may also affect the Reconciliation WG, whose vocabulary we are re-using.
    3. The new metrics may (in Perf Mon) only require vocabulary changes. JanetAndersen to provide list of what they need by Nov 28 so we have a better sense of what it actually affects.
    4. JohnArwe and SteveSpeicher to discuss process for evolving vocabulary independently from domain specifications in Core WG. There has been past discussion, e.g. the RM vocabulary adds done after finalization, but Core has no guidance documented for when that is acceptable and what process to follow when it is done.