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This document has no intention of maturing into an OSLC specification. It is solely intented to be a live document maintained by the OSLC Community to gather some best practices and guidance when doing OSLC implementations based on the OSLC Core 2.0 Specification. Additional guidance and overview of OSLC specifications exists in the OSLC Core Primer.

When updating this document, be sure to insert you desired guidance into the appropriate section or add a new section as needed. Discussion of this guidance should be done either at the OSLC Core mailing list or the OSLC Community Forums.


Resource Format Handling


When handling the consumption of RDF/XML (either as a client who received an application/rdf+xml response from a request or as a server who received a request POST/PUT as application/rdf+xml) it is advised to use a RDF/XML parser instead of a XPath and/or non-RDF aware XML parser.

Delegated UIs


UI Preview