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OSLC Communications User Group June 13, 2017


  • Community Updates (Brian)
    • Brian, Rainer, and Andreas Keis met in Munich
    • Purpose to talk about purpose of OSLC, new site, and so on
    • Notes at http://open-services.net/wiki/communications/Munich-Meeting-2017-06-06/
    • What should we focus on? Applying specifications, bringing into practice more vs. consolidating information base that we have
  • New site (Brian)
    • Slides sent to meeting invitees yesterday, to be presented to StC
    • Starting to build a prototype
    • Let’s choose a single point of communication moving forward
    • Slack
    • Email for Bill
  • Payment of Current OSLC Community Site (Brian) - Currently waiting for reply from Cathie at OASIS to take over this payment.

    • Brian to ping Cathie personally
    • Nine days to next payment
    • Should we cc anyone else at OASIS? Jed or Scott.
  • OSLC Member Spending Section (Mark)

  • Has this been discussed and signed off at StC level yet? (Mark)

    • Was presented at last meeting
    • No questions about it
    • Will be formally approved by StC next week
    • What’s the next step?
    • Send to OASIS after StC approval
  • OSLC Community Update - Proposed agenda topics:

  • OSLC Specification Status
  • Extending our OSLC community to new areas
  • 10 Year Anniversary
  • Call to Action for community members
  • OSLC Open Source Options?

  • Datasheet Update (Kalena)

  • From last meeting: Kalena to reach out to Jane to see if we have the source of the document. Kalena will also work on the updates Rainer and Mark submitted.

  • 2017 Events - Are there any others we should have a presence?

  • Tasktop Connect (October) added (Rainer)
  • Promotional Ideas (Brian)

  • Proposed Addition to the Mission Statement

  • From last meeting” : State that OSLC endeavors to have a minimal-coupling methodology where it maximizes opportunity for integration. Jim thought this really wasn’t a vision thing since we ought not to limit what others can do. This type of message can be announced and discussed in forums, etc. Also noted was that there’s a open-services.net discussion on this very subject.
  • From last meeting” : ACTION - Kalena will check with Nelson and Jim as to what was suppose to be discussed at the Comm WG