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Automation Provider/Automation Tool (Worker) Interaction

Original author is PramodChandoria

This set of scenarios centers around the interactions of the automation execution tools (or worker systems) that are typically/frequently used to perform the work on behalf of the OSLC Service Provider and the actual OSLC Server Provider itself.

This outlines the high level scenario of the interaction between Automation server and Automation Tool.
The term “automation tool” can also be thought of as agent or worker.

  1. Automation Tool registers with Automation Server with the type of Automation Tool. Automation Server responds back with a URL to look for further work
  2. Automation Server User (manual or scheduling facility) initiates Execution of a Automation plan.
    (Either user can choose one of the registered tool for execution or Automation Server can decides itselt to dynamically
    allocate Execution to one of the Registered Automation tool.)
  3. An Automation Task is created to track this request.
  4. Automation Tool polls periodically to Automation Server on provided URL for any work assigned
  5. Automation Tool, upon finding an Automation Task, follows the link to get more information about the request
  6. Automation Tool picks up the work and updates the Automation Server about the work it has taken
  7. Automation tool continues to work and keeps on updating Automation Server with progress and any other status messages.
  8. Optionally an user can Cancel the Automation task. Automation tool upon receiving such instruction cancel further execution and update Automation Task
  9. Automation Tool upon completion of the work, Creates Automation Result back to Automation Server.
  10. Automation tool updates Automation task to link with the result created and and mark Automation task as complete with 100% progress.
  11. Automation tool repeats from step #4