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This document provides high-level scenario descriptions and links to elaborated scenarios that have been identified by the working group as possible scenarios to be used in driving V3 Automation scenarios

Some scenarios are carry-overs from the Automation V2 scenarios for consideration for V2.1


Core Scenarios

Automation Plan Execution Environments

To successfully execute and AutomationPlan, a specific environment is required. Providers should be able advertise and consumers discover this environmental data. This would enable scenarios around provisioning and environment matching. Concepts from the OSLC Reconciliation workgroup are likely relevant.

Temporary deployment scenarios (Tear-down and multiple use)

The results of some automated deployment is temporary, and requires a tear down or clean up stage once it is no longer required. The behaviour of this usage differs depending on whether it is one client or multiple clients who are using the deployed resource. Possible goals of specifying these interactions in OSLC would be:

  • Allow orchestrators or clients to free up deployed resources when they are no longer needed, saving costs etc
  • Enable clients to manage multiple-client use of deployed resources

Automation template scenarios

  • Owner: Umberto Caselli
  • Scenarios: Automation Template Scenarios

    • Some consumers want a template of an Automation Request which is “mostly” ready to use to request an execution.
    • End-user creates the template and schedules it for execution in the future
    • At the future time, the real Automation Request is submitted with perhaps a final few parameter values supplied