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Arch Mgmt Meeting Minutes: 13-Sept-2012

Date: 13 Sep 2012
Time: 7:00 AM Pacific, 10:00 AM Eastern, 3:00 PM UK, 4:00 PM Frankfurt, 5:00 PM Haifa, 8:30 PM Bangalore
Call In Number: (emailed)
Participation request: contact Jim Conallen


  1. New wiki infrastructure and governance process
  2. Discuss workgroup scope, agendas and long term schedule.
  3. Active topics
    • Diagram Resource
    • Pre-defined query


Regrets: John Crouchley, Eldad Palachi, Eran Gery, Sandeep Kohli

Atendees: Sandeep Katoch, Jean-Louis Marechaux, Cylde D. Icuspit, Steve Speicher, Jim Conallen


We discussed the new wiki changes and new governance model. Steve guided those on the call how to get to and sign up for the workgroup. Ideally we need to ensure that all those contributing to the call have registered through the wiki and accepted the agreements. As a result we held off discussing the details of any IP related to current issues in the work group, saving them for next time when all should be registered.

We did discuss the scope of the workgroup and the any issues that should be brought up for discussion before we complete a 3.0 specification.

Jim expressed a desire for the workgroup to schedule its release of a 3.0 update to the specification to shortly after the Core and other workgroups (specifically RM and CM) release their 3.0 spec update.

Action items

  • Jim to reach out to the regular participants in workgroup and get them to sign up through new wiki
  • Jim will send out an updated status of the topics that are of moist interest to those outside of IBM Rational, to encourage greater participation
  • Clyde to update wiki with scenario specifics related to links and link types.