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In this scenario a client uses the AM service provider resource picker URI to search for and select an AM resource URI. This scenario involves the delegated resource selection specification.

This scenario requires that the client has already discovered the Simple Query URI via the service catalog.

Example 1: Web client selects an AM resource

1. The client obtains the URI of the resource picker from the discovery documents ( https://am.acme.com/picker/project1).

2. The client presents a graphical window to the user. This may be a web browser or a desktop application UI. Inside this window the client creates an HTML frame to render the picker in. The client creates listeners on the HTML frame.

3. The client displays the results of a GET on the resource picker URI (if required authentication, BASIC or OAuth is negotiated, and may require an additional HTML form to log in with). After authentication the HTML frame renders the resource picker.

Request (request URI line wraps to make more readable)

GET https://am.acme.com/picker/project1
Accept: application/atom+xml


200 OK
Content-Type: text/html



     function postMessageProtocol(/*string*/ url) { ... }
     function windowNameProtocol(/*string*/ url, onDataReceived) {...}


       some HTML and Javascript, that renders an HTML form 
       that the user interacts with to search for an architecture
       resource.  When the user selects a resource, javascript
       function is invoked and the URI of the selected resource
       an event is


4. The interacts with the HTML page, which uses JavaScript to talk back to the service provider and provide lists of results based on search criteria for the user to choose from.

5. The user selects a resource. The javascript in the HTML sends up an event with the selected resource’s URI to the client window.

6. The client window receives the event, records the resource URI, and closes the HTML frame and maybe the window.