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Usage Scenario: OSLC Simple Query

An authorized and authenticated REST or web client wishes to query a service provider for resources. The resources may be UML model elements, BPMN diagrams, ER models, or custom defined resources. The client is assumed to know what properties are in the resource.

Execute simple query

  1. The client obtains the query base from the OSLC service provider document.
  2. The client constructs the query using the OSLC Simple Query Syntax.
  3. The client GETs the query base passing the query in as a set of query parameters. The Accept header is application/rdf+xml, and the OSLC-Core-Version is set to 2.0 (or 3.0?)
  4. The response (may be paged) includes all the matching resources, and depending on oslc.select the resources properties.
  5. If the response is paged and there are additional pages of results, the client GET’s the next pages.

Example queries

  1. All resources with the dcterms:title property “Sample Resource”.
  2. All resources with the property ex:important that references http://example.com/res/123.
  3. All resources whose ex:status property is COMPLETED.
  4. All resources of a given type and modified after a given date.
  5. All UML Classes with an operation that have an operation parameter of a given Class.
  6. All resources that have been modified by a specific user and time frame.
  7. All resources that reference a given URL, in any property.