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The namespace URI for this vocabulary is:


This page lists the RDFS classes and RDF properties that make up the OSLC Architecture Management(AM) vocabulary. Following W3C best practices, this information is available in HTML format (this page) and in RDFS format.

More details on how this page is generated and other related material can be found in the OSLC URI Naming Guidelines.


All vocabulary URIs defined in the OSLC Architecture Management (AM) namespace.

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RDFS Classes in this namespace

Architecture Resource, Link Type

RDF Properties in this namespace

Architecture Resource

http://open-services.net/ns/am#Resource Architecture Resource is an RDFS class.

A generic architecture resource. A resource of this type is likely to be a model or design artifact.

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http://open-services.net/ns/am#LinkType Link Type is an RDFS class.

A locally managed resource that describes a link type predicate that might otherwise not be directly resolvable.

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