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Date: 8 Nov 2012
Time: 7:00 AM Pacific, 10:00 AM Eastern, 3:00 PM UK, 4:00 PM Frankfurt, 5:00 PM Haifa, 8:30 PM Bangalore
Call In Number: (emailed)
Participation request: contact Jim Conallen


  1. Discuss 3.0 scope, changes to wiki.
  2. Active topics


Regrets: Clyde D. Icuspit, Sandeep Kholi, Sandeep Katoch, Eldad Palachi, Eran Gery, Vishy Ramaswamy

Atendees: Steve Speicher, Jean Louis Marechaux, Uri Shani, Jim Conallen,


In preparation for finalizing the AM 3.0 spec to follow the finalization of the core 3.0 spec, we propose the following items be part of the AM 3.0 spec.

  1. Adopt all OSLC Core 3.0 recommendations. We should create and complete a detailed table of the specific items in the core spec that are adopted and to which level.
  2. Define the Diagram resource, to be used to describe extra properties of generic architecture management related diagrams (i.e. hot spots). For this release we will only include the minimal properties, pushing out layers, and connectors to a future release.
  3. Recognize a base set of link type predicates. Initially we will include the SysML relationships between UML model elements and requirements and tests. Since these concepts already exist we can recognize them, and provide a predicate URI. We recognize that we are not the authority of these concepts (the OMG is), however we have a need for them in our scenarios. If the OMG comes out for more authoratitive predicate URIs that use their namespace, than we will include in our defined terms some recognition of this (perhaps an owl:sameAs property).

we decided that our discussions of pre-defined queries, was something that crosses multiple workgroups and is really something that the core should look at. So it does not make sense for us to include it in the AM 3.0 spec. Rather, we will continue to work on it and when it is ready we will bring it to the attention of the OSLC Core workgroup.

Jean Louis will continue to update the wiki.

Jim will contribute the proposed link type definitions.