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Date: 11 Oct 2012
Time: 7:00 AM Pacific, 10:00 AM Eastern, 3:00 PM UK, 4:00 PM Frankfurt, 5:00 PM Haifa, 8:30 PM Bangalore
Call In Number: (emailed)
Participation request: contact Jim Conallen


  1. Discuss workgroup scope, agendas and long term schedule.
  2. Active topics


Regrets: Steve Speicher, Sandeep Kholi, Sandeep Katoch, Eldad Palachi, Eran Gery, Vishy Ramaswamy

Atendees: Jean-Louis Marechaux, Clyde D. Icuspit, Jim Conallen


Jim proposed that the scope of the additions to the AM 3.0 spec be limited to the topics that we have most recently been discussing; Diagram resource type and pre-defined queries. Jim updated the Diagram resource, and provided an example of a Design Management resource that is in use today and similar to the proposed diagram resource.

Jean-Louis requested and Clyde agreed, that we need to document how link types are made available to clients. In this case we are making a distinction between properties of a resource that are defined in that resource’s ontology and properties of a resource that are not but still can be added as a link from the resource. Design Management permits this, yet there is no OSLC defined way of getting this list of link type predicates. This will be the main topic for next times discussion.

Jean-Louis agreed to update the AM wiki to be consistent with the style that the CM wiki has.