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Rational Design Management currently provides an XML document that has similar information that we are considering for the Diagram resource.

An example of this document is given here:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <shape view="https://rory:9444/dm/models/1" name="Element 1" x="71" y="103" width="225" height="96"/>
    <shape view="https://rory:9444/dm/models/1" name="Element 2" x="422" y="263" width="248" height="95"/>
    <line view="https://rory:9444/dm/models/2" name="Relationship 1">
        <point x="180" y="195"/>
        <point x="195" y="195"/>
        <point x="248" y="295"/>
        <point x="423" y="295"/>
        <point x="423" y="308"/>
        <point x="240" y="308"/>
        <point x="180" y="195"/>