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The Human Factors User Group will explore and understand the integration scenarios that would improve traceability between human factors related work and traditional engineering data. Improved traceability will improve the Human Factor certification process and ultimately lead to products and services which are safer and more efficient from a human point of view.


The user group will be working closely with the Artemis project HoliDes to develop the sceanrios. HoliDes is developing a common meta model for Human Factors exchange. The scenarios developed by the user group will feed into the common meta model. Likewise, output from HoliDes will feed into scenarios.

Eventually, the scenarios and the common meta model will yield a set of concepts which could features in a human factors OSLC specification.

The user group would particularly welcome those working in the field of human factors outside of the HoliDes project to increase the diversity of input.


Meetings currently take place in WP1 of the HoliDes project. When we have participants outside of HoliDes we will create open meetings. Please email us to get involved!

Current HF Integration Scenarios

http://open-services.net/wiki/human-factors/Integration Scenarios/

Working Documents