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Date: 25 Apr 2013
Time: 7:00 AM Pacific, 10:00 AM Eastern, 3:00 PM UK, 4:00 PM Frankfurt, 5:00 PM Haifa, 8:30 PM Bangalore
Call In Number: (emailed)
Participation request: contact Jim Conallen Web conf: https://www.ibm.com/collaboration/meeting/join?schedid=8732837


  1. Get caught up on Core and other workgroup activities
  2. Review Diagram resource
  3. Discuss activities with RM and QM workgroup. Generic app dev scenario
  4. Discuss MDD/Transformations topic. Shall we try to include into 3.0 spec?

Active topics


Regrets: Jean-Louis Marechaux,

Atendees: Yuriy Yermakov, Clyde Icuspit, Uri Shani, Jim Conallen


Discussed the Diagram resource. Yuriy suggested that it might be useful to think of it as a separate resource (at least the diagram details, from the semantic diagram resource).

We discussed some general cross life cycle scenarios and resource types and relationships to use with RM group efforts.