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(Under construction) - supporting specification development for the next version of OSLC AM after 2.0. This is not an official list of committed items but a live working document to help prioritize and elaborate on the specification efforts.


  • Items for Consideration for 3.0
    • Themes
    • Item Details
  • Supporting References

The purpose of this page is to collect the architectural direction as driven by scenario priorities for the next version of AM specifications (V3). It also contains various 2.0 issues to be addressed in the next version.

Items for Consideration for 3.0


  1. Alignment with Core 3.0
  2. Diagram resource type
  3. Link type predicates
  4. Predefined queries

Others to consider:

  • when defining RDF resource shapes avoid the use rdf:Seq. In the spirit of the Linked Data Basic Profile (LDBP) submission make ordering part of the resource, and do not rely on the rdf container types (rdf:Bag, rdf:Seq and rdf:List). While the LDBP advice strictly speaking applies to Basic Profile Containers (BPC), we are making it easier for resources appearing in containers to be managed if they do not use these container types.
  • tbd
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Item Details

UNDER DEVELOPMENT: See the OSLC AM Specification Backlog

Supporting References