No, I’m not trying to SHOUT at you, there are just a lot of CAPS in those names!

Siemens PLM Connection 2012 is underway in Las Vegas, NV, and it features two presentations about OSLC and ALM-PLM integrations. I am sure the OSLC PLM workgroup is happy to see some the fruit of its labor so well represented at this year’s “Americas User Conference”.

The first session, “OSLC - Approach for simplifying integration between ALM-PLM systems”, takes place tomorrow (May 8) at 11 AM in Palma B. This session is a roundtable hosted by Vaithyanathan Krishnan and Steve Nykerk of IBM. To open the discussion Krishnan and Steve will give an introduction to ALM-PLM integration and how OSLC can help make it a practical reality. They will also provide a summary of the “systems engineer reacts to changed requirements” scenario developed by the OSLC PLM workgroup. Thanks to those introductions, even if you’ve never heard about OSLC or ALM-PLM integrations before now, you should still be able to contribute to the discussion.

The second session will be presented by OSLC PLM workgroup participant Mike Loeffler of GM. “OSLC ALM-PLM Interoperability Proof of Concept” will be delivered in Amazon PQ at 8:45 AM on May 10. Mike will share some details of an ongoing evaluation using OSLC to integrate Siemens Teamcenter with various ALM tools. This is a rare opportunity to see a POC in action, and have someone closely involved with it (Mike) share some of his insights. If you’re attending the conference, don’t miss this unique opportunity!

OSLC is being discussed at so many conferences (Linked Data on the Web, ARTREMIS, EclipseCon, IBM Pulse, …) it seems impossible to attend them all. Fortunately, if you’re going to a conference, you may be able to find a session on OSLC! Or, if you don’t you may be able to convince the organizers to let YOU deliver one! ;-)

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