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Systems Engineering Scenario 1

Systems Engineer Reacts to Changed Requirements

An overview of the scenario is provided here, please access the material below for a more detailed description(the references are to Activity Diagram

Note: This scenario is fully described within the OSLC PLM Reference model V1.3

Business Context

Systems engineering responsibles are responding to a change in requirements for an existing product or system implementation; they need to make updates across different content types and stakeholders in a controlled way.

Today they experience delays, wasted effort, actual errors or lost opportunity from the difficulties of establishing and maintaining linkage between different stakeholders, activities and product, system and software representations during handling of changes to requirements for existing products or system components.

Typical improvement goals are to increase responsiveness, reduce cost & waste and to reduce the cost of managing complexity.

Scenario Outline

Assign & communicate the change request (a1, a2, a3)

Assign change request context
Submit change request
Locate change request from notification

Apply request context to establish impacted requirements & implementation (a4, a5, a6)

Locate requirements in change request context
Create new revision of requirements context and reserve for editing
Open new revision of context

Locate re-usable implementations to meet changed requirements (a7)

Located reusable implementation to satisfy change?

Then a choice of either update solution by way of adaption of re-usable implementations (a8, a9, a10, a13, a14, a15)

Add selected implementation to change request as solution
Merge selected implementation into context
Trace to discipline responsibility
Analyse detailed requirements & existing implementation
Design minor updates to existing implementation
Design by sub-team needed ?

or design solution by original design (a10, a11, a12, a15)

Trace to discipline responsibility
Design new implementation
Add new design to customer request solution
Design by sub-team needed ?

Approve change request solution (a16, a17)

Passed review of implementation for customer request closure?
Close customer request

Scenario release deliverables

For more detail examine the information attached below - these items are at the V1.0 release level at 30/7/2010

We provide a clickable HTML version of the Activity Diagram. The presentation includes a single page list of all Activities and their description.

Alternatively see here to get started with topcased to use the exported SysML? archive below

Engaging and providing feedback

Feedback and comments are welcome here

Also refer to the PlmHome page for details of planned workgroup meetings

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