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ALM-PLM interoperability


The OSLC extensions proposed here enable OSLC resources to support ALM-PLM integration necessary for the target scenario "A Systems Engineer responds to a change in requirements for an existing product release".


The ALM-PLM Interoperability Workgroup was formed to drive build up of scenarios, evaluation of existing OSLC Specifications and proposals of extensions for ALM-PLM interoperability. The results of this work are draft proposals for extensions to OSLC Core and a new ALM-PLM Specification for Product Definition.

The proposals for Core extensions have been presented and discussed with the Core Workgroup to be accepted as an OSLC Core extension. In parallel, the Product Definition (PD) Specification is being pursued here for agreement .


The OSLC Core Extensions for PLM Draft 1.1 is in the elaboration and clarification stage ahead of a finalization stage, feedback is welcome.V1.1 includes feedback from the V1.0 primarily in the proposal for how Versions and Views are denoted by rdftype.

The workgroup has decided to reflect the narrower focus of the ALM-PLM specification need in the scenario by renaming the PLM Spec as a Product Definition (PD) Spec. The OSLC PD Spec Draft 1.1 is being prepared for the convergence stage, feedback is welcome.Note the wiki page has been rebuilt in line with OSLC guidelines.(V1.1 is being updated)

The OSLC ALM-PLM Interoperability Work Group meets weekly to work through issues raised on the Core extensions and PD specification and to discuss new specification and guidance topics.


Specification Documents

Document Status
OSLC Core Extensions for PLM v1.1 Specification DRAFT updated
OSLC Core Extensions for PLM v1.0 Specification Issues Feedback captured and being acted upon
OSLC Product Definition v1.1 Specification DRAFT being updated
OSLC Product Definition Specification Issues Feedback captured and being acted upon

Supporting Documents

Document Description Status
OslcCore OSLC Core Specification v2.0 FINAL
PlmPrototyping ALM-PLM Interoperability prototyping Work in progress
PlmSystemsEngineeringScenarioSystemsEngineerReactstoChangedRequirements Systems Engineering Change scenario Accepted
OLSCPLMReferenceModel PLM Reference Model (of the target scenario) V1.3 supports the selected scenario


Spec Proposed Outline Initial Draft Spec Start Convergence Finalize Spec
OSLC Core extensions Sept 30 2011 Oct 21 2011 Nov 1 2011 TBD
OSLC Product Definition Specification June 2011

Aug 8 2011

Updated Dec 29 2011

Jan 10 2012 TBD


Rainer Ersch (Siemens, lead)

Gray Bachelor (IBM, organizer)

Andreas Keis (EADS)

Mike Loeffler (General Motors)

Roch Bertucat (ENEA)

Kartik Kanakasabesan (IBM)

Keith Collyer (IBM)

Franck Gasnier (Thales)

Matthew Biehl (KTH)

Barbara Ellis (Northrup Grumman)

Nick Crossley (IBM)

David Honey (IBM)

Mailing List

ALM PLM Workgroup overveiw

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