With these candidates, there's no bad vote

(unless you fail to cast one)

OSLC Member Section supporting organizations (become one) have the opportunity to vote for up to four (4) of these six (6) excellent candidates (see below) to join the OSLC Steering Committee. The top 3 vote-getters will win a 2-year term, and the fourth place finisher will capture a 1-year term. The voting period ends July 1.

Check out the complete candidate statements here, and here are the candidates, with links to their LinkedIn profiles (hey, join the OSLC LinkedIn group too!):

Only Bola and Mark are incumbents, so we're guaranteed to have at least two new members added to the OSLC Steering Committee on July 1. (Joining Andreas Keis of Airbus, Rainer Ersch of Siemens, and John Wiegand of IBM who each have one year left on their 2-year terms.)