Lifecycle Integration is Integrated into your Favorite Conferences

Less than two months after the first ever OSLC Connect event at the ALM Forum (here's a great retrospective from Steve Speicher), many members of the OSLC community are once again gearing up for IBM Innovate. With so much going on, I've collected it all into a wiki page (if you see something missing, just add it!) to help everyone get the most (OSLC) out of their time in Orlando.

June 2014 also sees OSLC tutorials at EclipseCon France in Toulouse and the INCOSE International Symposium in Las Vegas. While I've heard that these do not represent all the OSLC presence at these conferences, the tutorials are definitely "anchors" for anyone wanting to learn more about OSLC (and Eclipse Lyo):

Hopefully I'll see you in Orlando and/or Las Vegas! (I wish I could be with you in Toulouse!)