Getting Started Developing OSLC Applications is now at Github

Our guide “Getting Started with Developing OSLC Applications” now has a new home at Github.

The source code is in a Github repository (specifically the _harp folder in the gh-pages branch and the complete site is deployed on Github Pages.

I’m trying this out for a few reasons:

Primarily, I’d like the greater community to have access and input to the source of these types of documents. You can find the source content (in Markdown) of any of the pages in the repo.

Github repos have an issue tracker, so if you find a problem with any of the content or want to see something more, you can open an issue.

Github also allows for Fork and Pull collaborative development, so if you’d like to write a change yourself and submit a pull request, that’d be super.

Next, I’m taking a first stab at an updated design for the OSLC website. Consider the design of the guide right now to be a very alpha version. (I’ll write more about that in another post.) Hope you like it!

Finally, Github is pretty fun, and we can all play with it together.