New wiki (in testing!)

As part of the ongoing efforts to improve our membership and IP governance, I’ve pushed out what what will eventually become our new wiki system.

It’s quite a bit different from our existing (and still active) TWiki-based wiki. Here are the highlights:

  • Single Sign On – The wiki is integrated with the existing OSLC forums, so you have the same login and single sign-on for the forums and the new wiki. If you haven’t already, you can sign up here.
  • Integrated design – the new wiki system is designed to look like an integrated part of the rest of the OSLC website instead of a tacked-on system.
  • Tighter access controls – To support our new governance model, the new wiki only allows OSLC Members that have completed a Workgroup Participation Agreement for a workgroup to edit or create pages. For now, the only active section is for members of the Steering Committee, who will be poking around for any bugs.
  • Markdown formatting – Like the Forum, the wiki uses Markdown syntax. I think it’s a simple, clean way to write documents and there are a lot of tools to support it.

In the coming weeks, expect the following additional changes to the site’s governance:

  • Workgroup leads will be completing charters, so I will be able to put the complete Workgroup Participation Agreements in place and increase the number of workgroups that should use the new wiki.
  • For archival purposes, the legacy wiki will remain available, but we will lock it down and make it read-only. All workgroup activity going forward will have to be on the new wiki system.

These major changes will be accompanied by smaller changes to the site’s content throughout.

Anyway, do take a peek at how the new wiki will look by exploring the Steering Committee section. I’ve opened a thread in the forums to discuss it (and request features, if you want!) or you can email me.