Just posted updated IP policy, WPA, and Bylaws

I've posted a revised draft of the Workgroup Participation Agreement and IP policy to the wiki.

The latest IP policy [.pdf] clarifies some wording about specifications produced by a target Specification Development Organization (SDO) and adds a clause about the site's privacy policy.

The latest Workgroup Participation Agreement [.pdf] has a small change to handle cases like the PLM workgroup where your contributions might be used by many other workgroups.

I have also updated the site bylaws to reference the privacy policy.

Here’s a revised table with links to the updated governance documents. Read more from the original announcement.

DocumentDownloadsForum threads
Bylaws UpdatedView hereDiscuss the bylaws
Members agreementView hereDiscuss the members agreement
Intellectual Property (IP) policy New.pdfDiscuss the draft IP policy
Workgroup Participation Agreement (WPA) New.pdfDiscuss the draft WPA