Brace Yourself: OSLC Steering Committee Elections Are Coming

Brace Yourself: OSLC Elections are Coming

This is just a little “early warning” for the upcoming OSLC Steering Committee elections. Basically, each year “half” of the Steering Committee seats are up for election to a two year term, and this year “half” is three of the seven seats.

These are the seats that are up for election:

  • the seat currently held by Bola Rotibi of Creative Intellect UK
  • the seat currently held by Mark Schulte of Boeing Defense Systems
  • the seat formally held by Dave Ingram of Accenture

The Steering Committee “Best Practices” document gives a good overview of some of the activities and objectives common to all OASIS Steering Committees. A great way to see what the Steering Committee has been up to since last June is to take a look at the mailing list archive (OASIS login required), and to view the public meeting minutes.

I've heard enough, how do I nominate myself?!

In order to be eligible to run for one of these seats, your organization needs to be an OASIS Member and a Supporter of the OSLC Member Section. At present, the expected nomination period is 30 May - 13 June. Details of the nomination process will be posted to the OSLC Member Section mailing list (archive) when the nomination period opens.

One does not simply vote in the OSLC election (you must be a Member Section supporter)

Once the nominations are in, the election will follow 16 - 30 June. Each OSLC Member Section supporting organization (your organization must be one to have a vote) will have one ballot on which they may vote for up to three candidates. The three candidates with the highest vote totals will win the three seats.

Participation in the election process, through both the nomination and election periods, is important for the future of OSLC. As such, both periods may be extended 14 days if there is not sufficient response, i.e. not enough nominees to fill available seats or enough votes for the ballot to be quorate (1/3 of eligible voters).