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Product Lifecycle Management and
Application Lifecycle Management Integration

Welcome to the OSLC PLM Workgroup

Find a summary of links and activities below, more are available from the panel on the right.

Roadmap being implemented during Q4 2011

The OSLC PLMWorkgroup has published and implemented a roadmap for 4Q2011 to refine and propose an initial set of PLM extensions.

Your contribution, review or feedback, is especially welcome.

Overview of the roadmap.

Next meetings

The next Main PLM Workgroup meeting is scheduled for Dec 20th 11 am ET / 5 pm CET. Details to follow.

Working meetings schedule

The workgroup meets usually on Tuesdays at 11am ET see note

The next working meeting is December 6th at 11am ET. See below for past meeting minutes.

Overview presentation of the activities of the PLM Workgroup

New overview added PLM Workgroup overview presentation here

Scenario being focused upon

Note that the OSLC Workgroups use scenarios to build out Specs. The PLM Workgroup has selected a representative scenario as follows:

"Systems Engineer Reacts to Changed Requirements" here

The scenario is being validated in terms of its usability to support the proposed PLM Spec extensions here

Members are welcome to comment upon or add additional scenarios for consideration here

PLM Reference Model

New Released Sept 30th 2011 with scenario updates the V1.3 OSLC PLM reference model is now available for use, here. Find new comments section for your feedback.

OSLC PLM Spec extensions

Feedback welcome The PLM Workgroup is defining and proposing OSLC 2.0 Spec extensions to support PLM behaviour.

New Draft Core extensions, open for feedback

New Draft PLM Specifciation started, and open for feedback.

Spec extensions overview and comments section opened with link to the extensions, here

Application of the OSLC Specs

We are actively using the Specs in the PLM Sandbox PlmSandbox

Detailed description of the DOORS-RTC integration DoorsRtcIntegration

Certain examples have been presented previously

ALM-PLM Showcase AlmPlmShowcase

Additional presentations PlmPresentations

Past meetings



Mailing list

Join here

Provide feedback or contact us

If you would like to discuss directly with the Chair or organiser, we would be pleased to here from you

PLM Workgroup Chair Rainer Ersch, Siemens

PLM Workgroup Organiser Gray Bachelor, IBM


Rainer Ersch (Siemens, lead)
Gray Bachelor (IBM, organizer)
Andreas Keis (EADS)
Brenda Ellis (Northrop Grumman)
Mike Loeffler (General Motors)
Pascal Vera (Siemens)
Roch Bertucat (ENEA)
Kartik Kanakasabesan (IBM)
Keith Collyer (IBM)

...and others :-)


PLM Workgroup intro




Working area

Scenario #1 Storyboard

OSLC Spec alignment to the PLM Reference Model

Mailing List

General Open Services
PLM workgroup


OSLC PLM Workgroup overview

OSLC SE Scenario 1

Other presentation materials

Showcase of OSLC applied to PLM



Workgroup Process, Methods and Tools




Direct PressCoverage

Other News

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