This wiki is locked. Future workgroup activity and specification development must take place at our new wiki. For more information, see this blog post about the new governance model and this post about changes to the website.
-- GrayBachelor - 20 Apr 2011

To meet the roadmap agreed Aug 30th 2011 we will continue our detailed workgroup meetings during November and Decenber 2011 on Tuesday at 11am ET. Certain Tuesdays are Main meetings, usually the last one in the month, where we take a more general topics - please consult the PLM home page for the full schedule. The next working meetings are Jan 10th and 17th. The meetings will restart after the new year January 10th 2012.

Consult the meeting log for minutes.

Chair: Gray Bachelor

OSLC PLM working session topics:

  1. Welcome
  2. Clarify roadmap focus for this working session
  3. OSLC PLM wiki updates
  4. Update on the ALM-PLM scenarios, OSLC PLM reference model availability and feedback
  5. Resource prototyping using eclipse Lyo
  6. Application and extension of the reference model
  7. Pursuit and feedback on the OSLC Core and PLM extensions proposals
  8. Responding to new OSLC Specs and concepts being published
  9. Summary, actions and close

Web conf:
Meeting = 9575051

Tel conf:

Participant Code: 8916747

Dial-In Number
Australia 0-2-80318490 Toll-Free 1-800-85-4950
Austria 0-1-2530601 Toll-Free 0800-07-0079
Belgium 0-2-8946410 Toll-Free 0800-3-9022
Canada Toll-Free 888-426-6840
China Toll-Free 10-800-711-1071 or 10-800-110-0996
Denmark 32711870 Toll-Free 80-717000
Finland Caller Paid 0-9-72519565 0800-9-18357
France Caller Paid 0-170911580 0800-94-0558
Germany Caller Paid 0-69-2443-2290 0800-000-1018
Greece Toll-Free 00-800-11-006-7783
Ireland Caller Paid 0-1-5264424 1-800-943-427
Italy Caller Paid 0-2-00621263 800-975100
Japan Caller Paid 0-3-64042596 00531-11-0086, 0066-33-830321, 0034-800-900377
Korea (south) Caller Paid 0-2-348-31399 00798-1-1-006-7783
Netherlands Caller Paid 0-20-7996800 0-800-363-6036
Sweden Caller Paid 0-8-50515100 0200-12-5807
Switzerland Caller Paid 0-43-2101240 0800-89-4800
Taiwan Caller Paid 0-2-77457238 00801-10-4334
US 215-861-6239 888-426-6840

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