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OSLC PLM Reference Model

Updated V1.3 OSLC PLM Reference Model available - see below under "Access and release info"

The OLSC PLM Reference Model aims to provide a means to represent PLM to ALM. As such it provides the workgroup and community to understand and explore the potential for today's OSLC Specs (i.e Resource models) to support ALM-PLM interoperability and identify opportunities (needs) to extend today's OSLC Specs.

The OLSC PLM Reference Model consists of

1) a set of PLM concepts realised through model elements, relationships, structures, diagrams and meta-data

These serve to address the process needs of the ALM-PLM scenarios

2) a set of OMG SysML? and ISO 10303 STEP AP constructs as found in AP214, AP233 and AP239

These serve as a way to represent products within PLM and point the way towards resources that ALM and PLM tools need to support

3) an instance of the OMG SysML? SUV example extended to represent additional the concepts and constructs

This serves as an example to illustrate the concepts and standards based representations

The basis of the OSLC PLM Reference Model was chosen to support the Scenario #1 and to be extendable.

Whats new in V1.3 ?

The sequence diagram of V1.1 did not cover the scenario activities a1 and a2 sufficiently. This has been corrected in V1.3. Note V1.2 was the interim release to support the DOORS-RTC model and was not fully updated as a release package.


The OSLC PLM Reference Model instance is made available by way of

- a clickable HTML site

- a topcased SysML? model from topcased

- example implementation in an ALM tool* (Rational DOORS

- example implementation in a PLM tool (Siemens Teamcenter

- a power point presentation

- an xmi file produced by topcased

- a STEP file

Note: * The topcased model also represents an implementation in an ALM tool, it is built upon the OMG SysML? example provide here.

Application of the PLM Reference model to analysis of the OSLC Specs

New Access and release info

Note that the PLM workgroup is currently working on a Story board view of the PLM Reference Model based upon a sequence diagram to support the scenario.

The latest V1.3 release is now available, and can be accessed here.

Known issues with the current OLSC PLM Reference Model

1) SysML? 1.2 does not support revision handling of diagrams or elements

2) the topcased 3.4.1 models do not support versioning of diagram elements

Consult the readme for additional comments


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