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-- GrayBachelor - 12 Jul 2011

Welcome to the OSLC PLM sandbox- This page needs some updates

What goes on in the sandbox ?

Here we will provide some notes and tips about experimentatioin with PLM resource behaviour

You can play in your own sandbox or come and join the Working group meetings where are prototyping. There is also interest in additional working sessions. These will be announced on the workgroup home page and via email - so do join the mailing list.

Whats active in the sandbox at the moment ?

We are building up representations to support the OSLC PLM Reference Model

Where can I find the scenario and reference model descriptions

1) Scenario #1 A Systems Engineer reacts to a change of requirements (for an existing design) to generate a new release here

2) OSLCPLM Reference Model V1.3 here Beware. Link needs updating !

What are the tools in the sandbox ?

The OSLC Reference Implementation (Lyo) is the most important resource as it provides cm, am and rm services. To exploit Lyo you will need to install apache tomcat, eclipse, maven and svn. That having been said it is possible to generate a local instance of Lyo with little specialised knowledge of this infrastructure.

To get an intro to RIO go see Jim Conallen's viddy up on You Tube here (as of 13th July it still shows the name as SORI- but at 12 mins it gives a great overview)

The following tools have proved useful:

1) A Poster tool to POST to a Web Service e.g. the Firefox plug in here

2) An RDF checker that shows the triples as a graph e.g. a W3C? validator here

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