Wanted: Open Integration for Enterprise Mobility

Earlier this week the OSLC User Group for Mobile was proposed by ClearBlade, IBM, and PointSource, and approved by the OSLC Steering Committee.

(This is the second OSLC User Group created since the concept was adopted by the Steering Committee in March. The first, the OSLC User Group for Embedded Systems, was founded by Atego, Creative Intellect, KTH, and Siemens, and has already had their first meeting.)

The OSLC User Group for Mobile has taken on the mission “to explore and understand the integration scenarios that make Mobile painful for organizations, and to drive these scenarios into OSLC standards.” What those “painful” scenarios are is exactly what they’ll be discussing in their first meetings; and drilling into them and prioritizing between them will be ongoing collaborative effort for the User Group. Ultimately, the goal is to drive the most important scenarios into OSLC specifications, but participants will benefit from their greater understanding of the problems they face (and knowing that those problems are not unique to them) even before then.

While these are just some ideas from the User Group proposal, I think it is interesting to see the kind of scenarios the founders were thinking of:

       Mobile app build service

       Mobile app artifact governance service

       Mobile app function testing service

       Mobile device remote access service

       Mobile app client performance testing service

       Mobile app load & stress testing service

       Mobile app security scanning service

       Mobile app crash reporting service

       Mobile app over-the-air distribution service

       Mobile “in-app” user feedback service

       Mobile app sentiment analysis service

       Mobile app service simulator

       Mobile private app store service

Joining the OSLC User Group for Mobile is easy. Simply complete an OSLC Members Agreement(if you haven't already), and introduce yourself on their Forum. (Unlike specification working groups, there are no IP commitments required to participate in a User Group, so only the Members Agreement is required to participate.)

If enterprise mobile is interesting to you (in addition to joining the OSLC User Group for Mobile), you may want to check out the Mobile Open Technology Meetup. It is part of the Impact 2013 Developer Unconference, April 29 at The Venetian, Las Vegas.

(We’ll be promoting the OSLC User Group for Mobile at the Meetup with something like this:


Photo by Phil Roeder, via Wikimedia Commons.)