W3C Linked Data Platform Working Group Kicking Off

Next week starts the W3C Linked Data Platform Working Group meetings for the first time to work towards standarding a set of rules and patterns for RDF-based Linked Data.  This Working Group represents series of activities around REST, RDF and Linked Data that started with the OSLC communities first set of specifications based on linked data.  It is very encouraging to see the maturity of OSLC in both the sense of technical specifciation contributions to standards organizations such as W3C, as well as evolving governance changes.  I will be participating within this workgroup to ensure we have a solid basis for OSLC Core and Core-based specifications across OSLC domains.  I encourage all to participate in any way they can: reviewing specs, providing scenarios, providing implementation feedback or what ever way you can to ensure we meet your needs and provide a quality and broadly adopted specification.  This process sound pretty familiar, as this is the way participation works at OSLC as well.