The little things: log in with email and subscribe to a forum

I've added some small but convenient new features to the site.

Log in with your email address

Normally to log in to the forums you have to use the Username that you specified when you created your account. That’s is all the user name is for, really. Your screen name is what shows up publicly (like when you write a forum post). Yes, that’s kind of annoying. And, yes, I forget my username all the time.

To make things a little easier, you can now log in with your email address instead of your username. Use either one; it doesn't matter.

(By the way, if you’re logged in you can change your username or screen name.)

Subscribe to new threads on a forum

One annoyance with our forums is that you can only be notified via email of replies to threads that you already subscribe to; there’s no way to receive an email about new threads in a forum… until now!

Now for every forum section (say, General Discussion or Question & Answer), you'll find a little Subscribe button.

Click that and you'll receive an email whenever someone starts a new thread in that forum section.

You can manage your subscriptions in one place or quickly subscribe to many forum sections in the Subscription Manager in the control panel.

If you have any problems with either of these features, send me an email.