OSLC part of the vision for interoperability of critical embedded systems

On March 1 the ARTEMIS Technology Conference was held in Nuremberg, Germany. ARTEMIS stands for Advanced Research and Technology for Embedded Intelligence and Systems, and is in the fourth year of its six year charter. The CESAR project (a supporter and consumer of OSLC, CESAR == Cost-efficient methods and process for safety relevant embedded systems) has published an article on the progress being made towards an interoperability standard for critical embedded systems, and have include in it links to numerous resources of interest from the conference.

OSLC was mentioned in a several presentations (links sourced though the CESAR article):
• In the keynote by Bola Rotobi
• As part of the CESAR and MBAT (Model-based Analysis and Testing of Embedded Systems) presentation on their interoperability specification (IOS)
• As an important part of the  iFEST (industrial Framework for Embedded Systems Tools) IOS, though they indicate a need to define a “superset” of OSLC in their presentation

Of course, OSLC was also front-and-center in the “OSLC Overview” presentation by Eclipse Lyo committer, and Automation workgroup lead, Mike Fiedler. Mike reports that his presentation was “well received, [with a] positive reaction to the requirement for implementations before an OSLC spec is final.”

A paper about OSLC “The Case for Open Services” was also submitted to the conference by John Wiegand.