Excited about Eclipse Lyo 1.0: the podcast

The other day I received an email from Kartik Kanakasabesan, of IBM Rational, in which he made an effort to explain why he was so excited about the upcoming Eclipse Lyo 1.0 Official Release. Even in a simple email, Kartik’s excitement and passion came through. Knowing the energy he brings when he speaks, even about mundane matters, I knew I had to capture a recording of Kartik speaking about Eclipse Lyo 1.0.

Kartik agreed right away to doing a podcast, and before the end of it, I think some of his enthusiasm rubbed off on me. I also think the excitement is justified. Eclipse Lyo is helping make OSLC-based integrations easier to build and verify. It is helping make predictably building integrations a practical reality.

Listen to learn more about what Eclipse Lyo 1.0 provides, what future Eclipse Lyo releases may bring, why it’s important to you, and (listen close at the end) when the Eclipse Lyo 1.0 will be officially available!