Upcoming webcast: Eclipse Lyo Perl Modules 3-pack

Please join us on Tuesday, October 16 at 11AM Eastern (8am Pacific / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET) for the latest in the OSLC Community Webcast series, “Eclipse Lyo Perl Modules (Mini-cast 3-pack!)”.

Date & Time

Tuesday, 16 October 2012
11:00am Eastern Time (8:00am Pacific / 4:00pm GMT / 5:00pm CET)

The webcast will be about an hour, including the presentations and time for questions.

If you can’t make it, we’ll post the recording as soon as it’s available.


Watch it live

Watch live at the Webdialogs site.

The web conference will have the information to listen to the audio.


This webcast will be presented in 3 parts:

  1. Details and demo of the Lyo-OSLC module which is an OSLC CM client developed for use with Rational Team Concert and Rational ClearQuest. Presented by Max Vohlken.
  2. Details and demo of the Net-OSLC-CM module which is a generic OSLC CM module that was developed for the Simple Defects distributed bug tracking system. Presented by Stephanie Ouillon.
  3. A round table discussion of the differences between the two contributions, ongoing work, and areas for future work. Roundtable participants: Olivier Berger, Mike Fiedler, Stephanie Ouillon, and Max Vohlken.

Each part will be 7–9 minutes and will include time for questions.


Max Vohlken is a Release Engineer for the Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest products. Max has been working in the build, automation, and release engineering arenas for over 15 years. Over Max’s many years as a release engineer he has written many Perl scripts and Perl libraries to automate the repetitive chores that release engineers typically encounter.

Stephanie Ouillon is a 21-year-old French engineer student at Télécom SudParis studying distributed services architecture. She developed the Net-OSLC-CM module as her second-year project.

Olivier Berger is a Research Engineer at Telecom SudParis, in Évry (France), specializing in the field of Free/Libre/Open Source software in general, and more specifically on the software development process and tools used in FLOSS communities. He has been interested in many other inter-disciplinary aspects of the FLOSS ecosystem for many years. He currently contributes to projects like FusionForge or Debian, in order to try and foster interoperability solutions and standardization. Olivier contributed to OSLC-CM implementations for the Mantis bugtracker and FusionForge trackers.

Mike Fiedler is the co-lead of the Eclipse Lyo project.