Call for Participation: OASIS OSLC Lifecycle Integration Core (OSLC-Core) TC

OASIS has formally issued a call for participation in the first Technical Committee (TC) to be affiliated with the OSLC Member Section. The co-founders (you can see the full list in section (2)(d) in the call for participation) include folks from Ericsson, fluid Operations, IBM, KTH, Software AG, and Tasktop. Others have already joined, either as TC Members, or as TC Observers. You should consider doing the same! Note that you must join by November 5 to have voting rights at the first TC meeting on November 12.

OASIS members can follow the simple instructions at the “Join This TC” link from the OSLC-Core TC page, non-OASIS members must first join OASIS by following the instructions here. Once the OSLC-Core TC has its first meeting all future work on the OSLC Core specifications targeted to OASIS will take place in the OASIS TC.

(As previously discussed, over the coming months specification development will be transitioned away from to formal standards development organizations such as OASIS and W3C. User Groups will continue to operate at, and will continue to be the place for news, education, discussion, and references to all the existing specifications.)

The OSLC-Core TC has more responsibility than simply producing specifications, so if specification development isn’t so appealing to you, some of the other activities may “tickle your fancy”. The three primary responsibilities of the OSLC-Core TC are:

  1. Expand on W3C Linked Data Platform concepts, as needed
  2. Add additional technical elements as required
  3. Support technical coordination activities, including:
    1. Review and recommend OSLC MS-affiliated domain specifications
    2. Lead development in, contribute to, review, and endorse best practices and guidance materials for implementers, scenario writers, and specification developers. E.g. vocabularies, test suites, templates, and reference implementations
    3. Develop and prioritize cross-cutting scenarios that affect either OSLC Core TC specifications or OSLC MS-affiliated TC domain specifications.

It’d be great to have your participation in the OSLC-Core TC, but if other OSLC specs are more interesting to you, keep your eyes open for news on them too. Indeed, if a Change and Configuration Management TC, based on the work of the Change Mgmt, Config Mgmt, and Asset Mgmt workgroups is your cup of tea, let me know so that I can put you in touch with the group working on that Charter. Similarly, if OSLC Automation is more up your alley, work on that Charter is underway too.

(Penciled in for the mid-term are a Requirements, Architecture, and Quality Management TC, taking over work from those respective workgroups; and an Integrated Service Management TC, that would be home to the work from the Performance Monitoring and Reconciliation workgroups.)