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Change Management


The goal of this effort is to define a common set of resources, formats and RESTful services for the use in Change Management tools and use by ALM and PLM tools.

Change Management (CM) resources define the change requests and tasks of the software and hardware delivery lifecycle. These resources relate and interact with many other resources, such as project, product, category, etc.


The specifications will be developed iteratively by first prioritizing scenarios and focusing on a minimal set of key scenarios. Once these scenarios have been satisfied by specification and proof of implementation, more scenarios will be considered.


2.0 (Finalized)

Document Version Status
OSLC-CM 2.0 Specification 2.0 complete/finalized
OSLC-CM 2.0 Specification ISSUES 2.0 Catalog of Spec Issues

1.0 (Finalized)

OSLC-CM 1.0 Specifications have been finalized.

Supporting Documents

Document Version Status
CM Scenarios and Use Cases n/a Note
RDFS Vocabulary 3.0 FINAL
Specification backlog ALL Note
Architectural Direction 3.0 3.0 Note
Implementation Guidance for 2.0 2.0 Note
Evolving Experimental Specification n/a Draft
Technical Issues currently being worked 2.0 Note
Architectural Direction 2.0 2.0 Note
Common properties on change request resources 2.0 Note
Resource Creation n/a Note
XML Format n/a Note
Architectural Direction 1.0 Note


Note: iterative specification validation will be occurring as the drafts evolve before finalization. The goal is to have at least 2 implementations of the specification before it is considered finalized.

Scenario Introduce Topic Complete Scenario Create Draft Specs Start Convergence Finalize Specs
Collaborative ALM 5 Nov 2008 21 Feb 2009 17 Nov 2008 4 May 2009 V1.0 28 May 2009
Agile Planning of Change Requests 5 Nov 2008 5 Jan 2009 17 Nov 2008 4 May 2009 V1.0 28 May 2009
Aggregation of change requests from disparate sources 12 Dec 2008 4 Sep 2009 Dec 2009 Aug 2010 V2.0 19 Nov 2010
Requirements Change Management 9 Dec 2009 Jan 2010 Jan 2010 Aug 2010 V2.0 23 June 2010
TBD: See CmScenarios June 2010 3Q 2010 Jan 2011 4Q 2011 V3.0 1H 2012


Meeting Agendas and Minutes


SteveSpeicher (lead) IBM
MikKersten Tasktop/Mylyn
DenisTyrell Oracle
OlivierBerger Institut TELECOM
EricRoy Alcatel-Lucent
RandyVogel Accenture
MarkRinger Rally
EricSink SourceGear
MattThomas BSDGroup


Specification comments and issues

Guidelines & Tips

Implementation Reports

Mailing List

Change Management Topic

General OSLC Community

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