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OSLC CM Initial Specifications Architectural Direction

These are the architectural decisions that have been reached to solve a set of integration scenarios for a couple of CM products. This is intended to represent a direction for an initial OSLC CM specification and not to represent decisions for will stand the test of time and be held for next revisions and developments of the specifications. Additional architectural decisions and direction will be needed as additional scenarios are supported.

Architectural Decisions for OSLC CM 1.0

  1. Default format for a collection of resources is ATOM syndication format (with content inline vs. reference) ( in spec)
    1. There is a need for a lighter-weight XML formats (ATOM-like, possibly RDF-ish)
    2. There is a need for JSON formats Owner AndreWeinand
  2. A failure to create a resource can result in a 303 with redirect to Web UI. Owner SteveAbrams
  3. A unattended creation is intended to be successful with a minimal set of properties. The service will try to accommodate with defaults, etc. Owner AndreWeinand (at least to propose minimal set of properties)
    • Unresolved: What are the minimal set of properties
  4. Resource links are handled as a multi-valued property on a resource (in spec)
    • There are no spec'd requirements on whose responsibility storing cross repository links (uni-directional, bi-directional)
  5. Services will be discoverable by traversing configuration collections until a service specification document is returned Owner SteveSpeicher, 71207
    • Unresolved: Specific contents on this document: has URIs for factories, query, version of OSLC supported, content-types supported?, ....
  6. There will be a simple GET-based query syntax ( in spec )
  7. There will be a way to request the amount of properties returned in response ( in spec)
  8. Format requests will be based on Accept header ( in spec)
  9. PUT on an existing resource URL will only modify the properties listed in the query parameter ? in the request that should be updated ( in spec)
  10. Attempt to not require schema information by delegation to provider
  11. Provide a miminal set of properties for resources based on Dublin Core ( in spec)
    1. Usage of dc:modifed for support in all resources, assisting in reporting tools, feed readers and other synchronization tools.
  12. Resources will support at least application/xml and application/json as request and response formats (in spec)
    1. Presentations for resources can be requested using the HTTP Accept header with values such as text/html or application/xhtml+xml

Unresolved Items

These unresolved OSLC CM 1.0 items may either get resolved and be moved to the above list or addressed in a post-1.0 specification.

  1. If a client had the resource URL #2(above), how could it get #5(above). In other words, if just a URL is sent to an application...can it perform a HEAD or OPTIONS or ??? on it to determine if the link is a OSLC based resource, if so then request the service doc to learn more.
    • JIA handles via a presentation service
  2. Do we define our own MIME-like types for things like rich web hovers?
  3. Query: how to specify which properties are queryable and which properties are selectable on a selecting a column for returned.

Items for consideration for post-1.0

See CmArchitecturalDirectionV2

Actions Items (if not listed above):


  1. (deferred)Work on seq diagram more detailed DefectScenario and with QM domain on alignment of work 71209


  1. (done, indirectly) Provide guidance on usage of ETag, lift something from existing resource guidance docs


  1. (done) elaborate the need for redundant storage of links
  2. (done) elaborate the need for oslc.inline parameter no longer needed
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