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The intent of this page is to gather various guidelines and tips that the Change Management domain has encountered.



  • Prefix all Change Management pages with "Cm"
  • Make all "Cm" pages child topics of CmHome

Resource Definitions

In addtion (or amended from) ResourceGuidelines

XML based resource definitions:

  • Use UpperCamelCase? for root element names
  • Use lowerCamelCase for child element names
  • Use element names that are same and compatible with JSON formats. Avoid characters like "-" and ".".
  • From Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) properties namespace URI - (don't use elements)
  • Namespace definitions include the domain (or common concept) and version. For example,
  • Make content RDF/XML valid
    • Don't require root <RDF> element
    • MUST provide @rdf:about attribute on root elements
    • MUST use @rdf:resource attribute for references to resources (instead of @href)
    • Provide intermediate type elements (see validator)

Media Type Usage

  • Provide a media type per resource definition
  • When using non- IANA registered media types prefix with "x-". For example, application/x-oscm-change-request
  • When defining media types for a specific domain, like Change Management, include the "cm" in the media type. For example, application/x-oscm-service-descriptor+xml
  • Use application/json instead of text/json

URL Parameters

  • To avoid name conflicts with existing parameters, prefix with "oscm.". For example, "oscm.query".

Specification Status Indicators

Each specification should contain its status in the header (subtitle) of the page using one of the following statuses:

  • Early Draft - early, very rough form of a working draft for a specification
  • Working Draft - content maturing but changes still occuring
  • Stabilizing Draft - most if not all core content has been contributed and only minor updates to stablize
  • Final Draft - cleared IP non-assert and no further changes
  • Note - an informative document with supporting information to specifications


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